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About Us

Master Choob Kish Company has been actively involved, since incorporation in 2005, in the sale of Italian manufactured Short Cycle Press Lines to Iran.
Frequent participation in annual international and domestic trade exhibitions has enabled the company to present to and advise its many customers on a wide range of issues on a very professional basis.
We are able to offer a very wide range of solutions for your board manufacturing business from supply and servicing of individual machines and parts to the installation of complete production facilities. All sales come with our unique package of after-sales and support services.
Our long experience in this sector has enabled us to offer to you optimum solutions and customized plant concepts to match your requirements and to meet current market trends and available raw materials.
Over the past years, the Panel Industry has developed enormously in Iran and it continues to change. We can assist you in keeping pace with current developments and maintaining your edge in the market place.
We have a considerable number of customers who have been wholly satisfied with our goods and services.
We have also successfully sold many production lines to Iran alone and we are proud to be associated with the development of the panel manufacturing business in Iran and other countries.